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Himachal Tour Organizer in Amritsar

Are you planning to visit in Himachal Pradesh? The one  of the beautiful state surrounded by a beautiful hill station. A superfluity of adventure activities, and also named as “DEV Bhoomi” is waiting just for you to come here with travel agency Taxi Cab in Amritsar one of the best Himachal Tour Organizer in Amritsar.

Perfect if you wish to plan a weekend getaway from the chaotic, hectic and mechanical life of city. As Tour Packages in Amritsar Himachal Tour Organizer in Amritsar is your best choice for you.

What to See in Beautiful state Himachal Pradesh?

  • Shimla’s Mall Road: Just outside the towns most famed eateries to renowned clothing outlets. It has various other things to keep you distracted. Begin walking from the eastern direction of Mall road and end at Scandal point.
  • Kasauli’s Manki Point: Based in the foothill regions of Himalayan range, there is something more Kasauli a famous hill station which is nature adorer’s heaven. This point is the highest in Kasauli which provides picturesque sights of gleaming Sutlej as its water passes into the great Dhauladhar range.

These are just 2 spots to see and there are dozens of places to explore

Himachal Tour Organizer in Amritsar

Things to do Himachal Tour

Adventure Sports in Manali: With dozens of adventure sporting options to go for the trip to Himachal can be really thrilling. As you can enjoy not just trekking but camping, skiing and paragliding as well. Himachal is probably the best bet to pump the adrenaline to a higher level.

Toy train of Manali: The iconic World heritage UNESCO toy train is probably the best transportation to use. The scenic rail route has total 102 tunnels and numerous rail stations which is by far the most preferable way to go anywhere.

Watching the Dalhousie Sunset: Not many people agree that 2 sunsets are one and the same. It is similar in case of Himachal where the sunset is spectacular.

What to Eat?

Dham: It is said to be the most renowned and old school dainties is Dham. Usually made during the various carnivals and occasions. It is an entirely prepared dish which is readied by expert cooks.

Sidu: It is a variety of classical bread which is prepared from the wheat flour. It tastes best with mutton and butter which can easily be found in any of the restaurant throughout Himachal.

Madra: Madra is a very famous dish coming from the Chamba region of Himachal Pradesh, made only during the carnivals and special events. Prepared using kidney beans or soaked chickpeas and variety of additional spices. Madra tastes best with flat bread.

Ideal time to visit Himachal

The best time to visit is during these months

  • April – June
  • July – September
  • October – February

Taxi Cab Amritsar is the best Amritsar based Himachal Tour operators in Amritsar. We can everything arranged for you. What to do, what to eat and perfect time to visit everything is well arranged and planned. So travel with us with you customize tour and travel packages.

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